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Austin Task Inc.: Remaining mission-focused from start to finish

By May 19, 2020Blog

Martin Becerra has been a valued staff member at ATI for the past three years. He works on a confidential document security contract where his responsibilities include stacking and cleaning the carts of documents brought in daily for destruction, loading empty carts back onto the truck and operating a paper shredder. Now, Becerra is taking on a new challenge as he trains to become a forklift driver.

As he works toward his goal, Becerra continues to uphold the high standards required of his work in document security. Because the documents he handles require confidentiality, Becerra had to meet additional requirements beyond those necessary for the rest of the ATI staff, something his supervisor says is indicative of his potential for advancement.

“He’s very cautious, which is a good trait to have in his current job and as a forklift driver,” Jim Thomson, ATI’s operations manager, said. “We’re trying to move him into a more difficult role since he always seems to be excited by new challenges.”

ATI is a WorksWonders community rehabilitation program (CRP) whose contracts with major state agencies are facilitated by WorkQuest. One of ATI’s focuses is on secure document destruction––including paper and electronic media––covering a service area stretching from Brownwood to Beaumont and south to Laredo.

ATI has WorkQuest-facilitated contracts with state agencies, including the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC), Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) and Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), as well as nearly 400 smaller agencies. Over the 20-plus years ATI has been certified with WorkQuest as a CRP, the organization has been able to provide job training and a sense of purpose to individuals with disabilities.

“ATI gives people certain opportunities many other places wouldn’t,” Thomson said. “It’s a chance for the world to look beyond the obstacles our employees may face and see their talent.”

ATI’s commitment to providing jobs for people with disabilities is part of its mission. Additionally, it focuses on protecting confidential customer information and dedication to recycling.

ATI follows business practices similar to a competitive business while its mission makes it a nonprofit, Brian O’Connor, the organization’s CEO and president, said.

“We break the mold,” he said. “By investing time in people to develop their skills, we can change their lives while providing a valuable service.”

About 75% of ATI’s document destruction services are handled by employees with disabilities. Employees pick up customer materials and transport them to ATI, where they securely and confidentially shred paper documents and electronic materials and carefully separate out recyclable content.

“We’re a security company and self-sustaining nonprofit that also happens to deal with a lot of paper,” O’Connor said. “We have a really conscious commitment to the environment and have been recognized for that. In fact, some state agencies ship excess print materials here specifically to be recycled.”

Through its dedication to customers and the environment, ATI upholds its responsibility as a CRP by providing productive, meaningful work for individuals with disabilities.