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September 2021

East Texas Lighthouse for the Blind Employee Earns Statewide Award

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WorkQuest and its annual Artie Lee Hinds Awards Dinner recently received coverage on East Texas ABC affiliate KLTV 7, showcasing an award recipient from the East Texas Lighthouse for the Blind.

Here’s a transcript from the story below. To view the video segment, CLICK HERE.

An East Texas man is showing us the value of perseverance and knowing your capabilities. Ronald Jordan was one of 6,000 people who was awarded the WorkQuest Artie Lee Hinds Employee of the Year award last week in Austin.

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Inclusive Vision UH ‘FIXIT’ Call Center Now Staffed by Blind and Low-Vision Operators

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Locks not working? Broken faucet? Too hot in your office or dorm room? Faculty, staff and students at the University of Houston rely on the FIXIT program to fulfill a wide range of non-emergency work requests on campus. Now, through a new partnership with WorkQuest and The Lighthouse of Houston, the UH FIXIT call center is staffed by blind and low-vision operators with 24/7 availability. Read More